Innovative logistics solution frees the streets of Düsseldorf

ABC Logistik

Sector: Logistics
Company: Almost 250 employees, 13 logistics centres and 80,000 m2 of logistics space in the Düsseldorf area.
Challenge: New logistics centre to reduce traffic congestion in Düsseldorf city centre.
Solution: ‘incharge’ consolidates deliveries at the nearby port, with companies receiving one delivery per day, outside of peak hours. The City-Hub was equipped with shelving systems and industrial trucks from STILL.

In Düsseldorf city centre, the day-to-day transport of goods between companies has reached breaking point. As part of a private initiative to tackle this issue, ABC-Logistik GmbH has developed a smart, sustainable distribution solution called ‘incharge – Smarte Innenstadtlogistik’. Before now, it was the norm for companies in the city to receive up to 25 deliveries per day. incharge now consolidates the deliveries at the nearby port, with companies receiving one delivery per day, outside of peak hours. For the central warehousing and consolidation of deliveries, the experienced logistics service provider built the ‘City-Hub’, a logistics centre for Düsseldorf. The facility was fitted out with shelving systems and industrial trucks from the intralogistics experts at STILL.

New logistics centre for smart city centre logistics

For almost 25 years, ABC-Logistik has gained extensive experience in warehousing for its customer base – from lipsticks to wind turbines – and now has 13 logistics centres and 80,000 square metres of logistics space in the Düsseldorf area. With the new City-Hub logistics centre, incharge is making a significant contribution to reducing traffic congestion in Düsseldorf city centre. This not only reduces carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions (CO2 und NOX), but above all the levels of noise pollution and volume of delivery traffic in the city.

incharge boosts the retail sector

High flexibility and lean structures are crucial to achieving economic success with in-house processes. With article structures constantly changing both in cargo logistics and within the incharge project, ABC-Logistik has a challenge on its hands every day. The Managing Director of ABC-Logistik, Holger te Heesen, says: “As it did before, our core competence lies in national and international cargo and groupage transport, as well as the implementation of logistics centres. With over 150 haulage partners, we turn over up to 500 tonnes of cargo each day. Our network also supports the sustainable supply of the city of Düsseldorf. Our company fleet strengthens our in-house transport system and provides the basis for our two-man assembly service for refrigeration units, office furniture and AV technology throughout Germany and Europe. With rental prices in the city often being extremely high, retailers and companies use incharge to store their goods in our logistics centre at an affordable price. This allows them to keep stock levels higher and maintain continuous supply chains. We also provide same-day delivery to retailers and end customers using our electric trucks, which enables our clients to compete with the online trade.”

Many years of STILL partnership

The new central warehouse built for incharge – with 12,000 m2 of floor space plus a new head office with almost 2,000 m2 – is able to accommodate 16,000 pallets. The narrow-aisle and wide-aisle shelving was implemented by the STILL subsidiary in Krefeld. “We have enjoyed a highly successful collaboration with STILL for many years now. After thoroughly analysing the warehouse and order picking processes, we worked together with the system vendor Tobias Wegener and STILL’s Regional Sales Director Johannes Rieksmeier, who has been taking excellent care of us for many years, to choose the right shelving systems and industrial trucks and carefully coordinate future operations,” says the experienced Managing Director of ABC-Logistik. He also mentions that the fundamental basis for the long-standing partnership with STILL is also the first-class, reliable and flexible service from Klaus Greupner. His son, Michael te Heesen, adds: “The flexibility when it comes to fitting out the trucks as well as the speed with which quotes are produced and trucks are repaired are also important factors behind our long-standing partnership with STILL.” Holger and Michael te Heesen run ABC-Logistik together.

Fast turnover with industrial trucks

In its day-to-day business, ABC-Logistik attaches a lot of value to safety and cost-effectiveness. By deploying more than 50 STILL full-service industrial trucks, the company is able to achieve fast and flexible turnover in its logistics centres, without the need for expensive conveyor technology.

FM-X reach truck for precision handling of fragile and bulky goods

The wide-aisle storage at incharge’s joint warehouse houses refrigerators, chillers, furniture and displays for conference systems. Thanks to the FM-X reach trucks from STILL, these fragile and bulky items can be manoeuvred with the utmost precision. Owing to its high residual load capacity, the FM-X is able to lift up to 1,000 kilos – depending on the mast and its equipment – up to the highest shelf height. For fast pallet handling, STILL has fitted the reach trucks with Active Load Stabilisation (ALS). When loading and unloading goods at height, any vibrations are quickly off-set via an automatic balancing mechanism. This allows process times in the shelving area to be reduced by up to 80 per cent, which results in a significant increase in handling speed. The fully ergonomic design ensures that the operator can work comfortably, safely and in a relaxed manner throughout their entire shift. The foot plate, steering wheel and seat can all be fully adjusted to the build of each individual driver. Assistance systems like the optional camera system make work easier for the driver and guarantee maximum precision, even at high lifting heights.

MX-X Narrow Aisle Truck sets new standards in order picking

Thanks to the spacious and fully configurable driver’s cab with its user-friendly control elements, the MX-X narrow aisle truck ensures safe, comfortable and efficient working. With driving speeds of up to 14 km/h and a lifting height of up to 18 metres, order peaks can be handled quickly and efficiently. While the optional Active Load Stabilisation (ALS) significantly speeds up the loading and unloading process by up to five per cent, the swivel traverse fork mechanism promises even shorter distances when order picking. With the auxiliary lift welded all the way around, the MX-X offers an outstanding level of stability from start to finish.

Shelves and MX-X primed for partial automation

Both the narrow-aisle shelving and the MX-X high shelving order pickers come ready for partial automation. The iGo pilot navigation interface then communicates with the warehouse management system and combines all the warehouse processes into one intelligent system. This means the truck automatically knows the next storage position to go to, which takes pressure off the operator. Once the next assignment has been accepted, the truck navigates its way independently through the warehouse aisles. This partial automation is already set to be implemented in the near future.

EXD-SF double deck high lift pallet truck for fast transport

With its double deck function, the EXD-SF 20 high lift pallet truck is able to transport two pallets of up to 1,000 kg each in one trip. The EXD-SF is the perfect solution for fast handling of pressure-sensitive goods. Alternatively, pallets weighing up to 2,000 kg can be transported individually. For long distances, the EXD-SF offers a folding, air-sprung stand-on platform. The folding, height-adjustable side arms guarantee safe travel at up to 10 km/h. The STILL Dynamic Drive Control assistance system dynamically adjusts the driving speed to the current conditions and guarantees optimal, safe handling performance in every situation. Furthermore, the EXD-SF can be operated with one hand and, thanks to its hydraulically suspended support wheels, boasts excellent traction and the utmost driving comfort, even when loading and unloading lorries on the ramp.

Full-service leasing increases availability

With a full service package put together especially for ABC-Logistik, STILL takes care of all maintenance and servicing for the trucks. As the key components of the full service agreement, STILL is responsible for all repairs as well as planning, implementing and monitoring all servicing, maintenance work and inspections. Of course, this also involves the transfer of the financial responsibility and risks from ABC-Logistik to STILL. Michael te Heesen: “In the event of supply bottlenecks for newly ordered trucks, Johannes Rieksmeier from STILL has always responded extremely quickly and simply provided a similar truck for us to use until the order was delivered.” On top of this, the excellent servicing and care we have received has enabled us to increase the availability of our trucks. In the event that a truck does need downtime, STILL's service offering guarantees that a technician is with us on site in no time at all.


At ABC-Logistik, a high degree of flexibility and lean structures are essential for the in-house processes. Efficiency and process reliability are crucial factors in logistics. The industrial trucks and service from STILL ensure that all of these essentials are in place. “Along with the full service contract, we can rely upon transparent cost calculations and high planning security. Not to mention the fact we have a great deal of trust in STILL and our long-standing partnership has been key to the success of our company,” emphasises Holger te Heesen.