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Globus Baumarkt. Orange goes with orange

Challenges: Unloading of up to 40 articulated lorries per day. Ability to handle various unscheduled customer collections with an extremely wide range of loading platforms.

Solution: Preferably a flexible and energy-efficient Diesel and LP Gas Forklift.

STILL products: STILL RX 70-25 T (LPG drive) with fork extensions for different types of load.

The Globus Baumarkt in Weinstadt-Endersbach has relied on STILL solutions

since 1998. The new RX 70-25 T, which has been in use here since October

2016, is delivering significant handling improvements and better performance


You’ll search in vain for anyone with tunnel vision at Globus Baumarkt: the employees in Weinstadt-Endersbach are always on the lookout, ready to help any customer they see approaching. “Our regular training courses emphasise the need for a friendly attitude and a willingness to help,” confirms Ralf Henneberg, Assistant Store Manager. This is not directed solely at the sales staff, but at all the 90 or so employees.

Proximity to STILL

This is also evident in logistics: customers always take priority, even when someone needs a spot of help loading their trailer with a pallet full of newly acquired building materials. “In such cases our forklift drivers stop unloading their HGVs to ensure we have another satisfied customer,” notes Henneberg. To avoid long delays for suppliers and delivery drivers, Globus Baumarkt uses powerful and flexible industrial trucks from STILL.

All products are sourced from the nearby STILL subsidiary in Beutelsbach. “Our proximity to STILL allows us to benefit from rapid assistance and minimal downtimes,” stresses Henneberg, who has concluded service contracts for all the industrial trucks. Apart from service aspects, the price/performance ratio and above all the quality of the products fit the bill perfectly. It’s no wonder that Globus has been working with STILL since the store opened in 1998.

Mini-levers require less effort

The fleet in Weinstadt currently consists of 17 tiller-driven pallet trucks, two pallet stackers, two driver seated reach trucks and a gas-driven RX 70-25 T counterbalanced forklift truck with a hybrid power transmission system. The latter was acquired in October 2016 and replaced its ten-year old predecessor of the same type. However, the “old” truck is being retained as a backup until May 2017. “Day after day, the ten qualified forklift truck drivers choose the new model,” observes Henneberg, confirmation, if any were needed, of the popularity of the new operating concept. Instead of having traditional hydraulic levers, the new RX 70 is controlled sensitively using mini-levers. “The mini-levers offer extremely short switch travel, require less effort and are therefore much quicker and easier to operate,” summarises Henneberg, who has worked with both trucks in his time. “It only takes three or four hours to familiarise yourself with the new control system, after which you won’t want to use anything else.”

Driving made fun

Another ergonomic benefit of the new model is its low level of drive noise, which, when combined with the air conditioning system and enclosed driver's cab, can almost give the impression of being in a normal car. This is further reinforced by the powerful LED lighting and the generously proportioned and comfortable driver’s cab. Other impressive features inside the cab include the amount of storage space and the 12 V socket for charging a mobile phone. Drivers also appreciate the good all-round visibility: the free view mast and low dash panel provide a very wide field of vision. Henneberg puts it in a nutshell: “The new RX 70-25 T is fun to drive and you always feel safe in the cab.”

50,000 HGVs

This “feel-good factor” is undoubtedly one of the reasons the trucks return such good productivity figures. The powerful industrial truck is used to unload up to 40 articulated lorries every day. In addition, a number of unscheduled customer collections are always occurring “as and when”. These require pallets to be placed on an extremely wide range of loading platforms and trucks. To cater for this variety of truck sizes and situations, Globus Baumarkt in Weinstadt has access to a pair of fork extensions that can be slipped like shoes over the existing prongs in a matter of seconds. Once fitted, the two extensions are simply secured using a couple of locking pins. 

In summary, Globus Baumarkt in Weinstadt-Endersbach is well equipped to cope with the challenges of the next ten years thanks to its new RX 70-25 T. This modern product will be in use until 2026, by which time it will have unloaded around 50,000 HGVs.

Background: Globus Baumarkt

Globus is a commercial enterprise that was founded in 1828 and has remained a family-owned company ever since. It opened its first DIY store on a 3,600 m2 site in Gensingen in 1982. Globus Baumarkt Holding GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1987, when it began the development of its DIY chain by establishing the first independent Globus Baumarkt in Regensburg. Following the reunification of Germany, Globus expanded into East Germany and Globus Fachmärkte GmbH & Co. KG was established in 2003. Since January 2008, the hela Profi centres have also been part of the Globus DIY chain. In 2014, the company acquired 11 sites belonging to the insolvent Max Bahr and Praktiker organisations.

Today, Globus is one of the leading DIY companies in Germany and has 90 outlets, with an average sales area of 8,000 square metres, and around 8,000 employees.

Diesel and LP Gas forklift truck RX 70 2,0 - 3,5 t